I am glad to see that many homeowners are making improvements to their property.  It is great to see pride of ownership.  Don’t forget to get approval from the HOA concerning improvements such as landscaping, house painting, roofing, solar, fencing, or any other big changes that may impact the community.


  • Architectural changes to your property require approval from the HOA.

  • Landscape changes to your property require approval from the HOA.

  • After Trash Day, please remove trash cans from sight within 18 hours.

  • Working on vehicles is okay for short term emergency purposes.


Note: The purpose of the CC&R’s is to protect your Health and Safety and to protect the Value of your home. Please direct  any questions about CC&Rs to Tyco Management at (619) 425-1017.

Tip: Check Water Pressure Regulator (psi); may be old and rusty and not properly regulating the pressure in your home/ common reason for water pipe breaks in your home.  Many of these regulators are located in the garage or on the exterior side of your home.




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