Local Resources

Here you can find contact details and information on important city and local providers in our areas.


Official Website of the City of Chula Vista…click here


Chula Vista Police Department

  • To report an emergency or a crime in-progress call 9-1-1
  • For non-emergency crimes or incidents: (619) 691-5151
  • Loud Parties:  call (619) 691-5151
  • Graffiti:  call (619) 691-5151
  • Illegal Drugs:  call (619) 691-5151
  • For general inquiries:(619) 691-5137
  • Address: 315 Fourth Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91910
  • Notes:  Your calls can be made as anonymous; just make the request

Chula Vista Fire Department

Republic Trash, Yard & Recycling Services

San Diego Gas & Electric

Otay Water District

  • General Questions: 619-670-2222
  • Sewer Questions: 619-476-5380
  • Water Questions: 619-670-2777

Tyco Property Management

Mail Theft Issues

City of Chula Vista Graffiti Hotline

  • Phone: 619-691-5198
  • This is a free service to remove graffiti from sidewalks, walls, fences, curbs, etc.
  • or call Tyco Management at 619-425-1017
  • or CVPD at (619) 691-5151

General Information:

  • As per CC& R’s, you are required to get approval from EBHA before making architectural or landscape changes to your property. (619) 425-1017
  • Keep trash cans out of sight except day of trash pickup
  • Working on vehicles outside of garage is okay only for short term emergency purposes.

Note: The purpose of the CC&R’s is to protect your Health and Safety and to protect the Value of your home. Please direct an questions about CC&Rs to Tyco Management.

Tip: Check Water Regulator (psi) / common reason for water pipe breaks in home.